EP2: Ellen Ercolini On Authenticity In Business And Embracing Insecurity

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Hey there! 

I am very excited to be introducing you to one of the first coaches I ever hired: Ellen Ercolini! She is a wise soul, business strategist and all-around money making wizard. Every time I speak with her, I take notes for days and she always brings incredible practical wisdom that really helps move my business forward. This episode is amazing because you get a glimpse into Ellens brilliant mind as she shares the tools that skyrocket her client's businesses!

About Ellen

Ellen Ercolini is a business strategist for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners based Oakland, California.  Often referred to as a business visionary, Ellen uses a combination of business acumen, creative thinking and coaching to help clients grow their business from the inside out.  

She knows your business success comes down to your relationship to yourself, and is on a mission to help business owners untangle their inner workings so their businesses can get back to work.  She created her Frequency assessment to help you do just that. 

You can listen to her weekly podcast, Money Making Magic: Business Lessons with Ellen Ercolini, or check out her site for more insightful articles on how entrepreneurship is as much a being thing as a doing thing.

She's helped her clients triple their incomes, launch new programs and most importantly, feel clear and confident about their business future.  When she's not changing lives and growing businesses, she's creating her signature Gem Essences, launched this year under Root and Sky Shop, they're bottles of practical earth magic similarly designed to support you from the inside out.  Her favorites are Grounding and Entrepreneurs Elixir.  

In this episode, Ellen shares: 

1. What made her want to become a business strategist, 

2. How she uses Frequency Analyses to help her clients succeed in business and

3. How to build and grow your business YOUR way. 

Resources from the show: 

The Honesty Practice by Aaron Steinberg

Connect with Ellen on her website EllenErcolini.com

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