EP10: Crystal Marsh On Realizing Dreams & Finding Your Perfect Career

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Hey there!

This episode is very special to me, my guest on the show is Crystal Marsh, who just happens to be one of my best friends and an insanely gifted career and business coach! 

Crystal is incredible at helping people find and get their dream job, as well as a goal-achieving while deep-surrendering wizard! On the show we talk about her recent engagement, the difference between making and effort and struggling and why humility is her business superpower. 

About Crystal

Crystal Marsh is a lawyer turned millennial career and business coach. She was practicing law in Los Angeles and she enjoyed the work, but knew there was a greater impact she could be making. She found her purpose and passion in coaching. Now she runs a thriving practice out of New York City serving clients all over the world.

In this episode, Crystal shares:

1. How she went from being a lawyer to working as a full-time coach,

2. How to make your dreams come true in a fun way,

3. And the inner challenges she had to overcome to thrive in her career!

Resources from the show: 

The Handmaids Tale - Margaret Atwood (book)

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert (book)

Connect with Crystal on her website http://www.crystalmarshcoaching.com and connect with her on Instagram @crystalmarshcoaching!

Side note: We had some technical issues with the audio, you will have to turn up the volume towards the end of the episode to hear the wisdom Crystal is sharing!

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