EP24: Chris-Anne Donnelly On Business, Magic And Following Your Soul

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Hi everyone,

I am very excited to publish this new episode, I had an amazing time shooting it and it has become one of my favorites so far. Our guest this week is Chris-Anne Donnelly who is a magicpreneur on a mission to help women connect with their intuition and blend business and magic! 

On the show we talk about Chris-Annes journey to Chile, how she found her soulmate there and how she followed her intuition to start a new business. 

I love Chris-Annes wisdom and how she blends spirituality and business, I am sure you'll love this episode as much as I do! 

About Chris-Anne:

"I spend my days creating sacred space and road-mapping potential, branding soulpreneurs and mixing a blend of intuition and strategy. (I'm pretty sure my super power is seeing the amazing potential in others. I always seem to find the sweet spot that catapults other people's big sacred dreams to life! I'm so grateful for that.)

I'm a brand strategist, an oracle deck creator, an author and most recently... a magicpreneur who believes that we can bring our desires to fruition through mindset, energy-shifting, inspired action and wild trust." 

- Chris-Anne Donnelly

In this episode, Chris-Anne shares:

1. How she moved to Chile and found her soulmate,

2. About following the signs of your soul,

2. And living a magical life! 

Resources from the show: 

- Becoming Magic by Genevieve Davis (book)

Connect with Chris-Anne on her website chris-anne.com.

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