EP25: Brandi Bernoskie On Developing Perseverance Through Archery

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Hi lovelies,

Our guest on the show this week is Brandi Bernoskie, she is an archery instructor and entrepreneur and also has a background in Physics and Mathematics!

When I heard about Brandi through the Soul Camp founders Ali and Michelle, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about archery as a spiritual practice. One of my favorite Goddess Archetypes is the Lady of Communion, she is a forest mystic and among her tools are the bow and arrow! 

I loved talking with Brandi about what archery taught her and we also get into the ethics behind archery.This is a totally different episode from all the others, I loved hearing Brandis story and I know you will too! 

About Brandi:

Brandi Bernoskie is an entrepreneur, business owner, and archer, living in northern Virginia. Brandi has been involved in the traditional and barebow archery communities since 2013. She is also a Level 2 USA Archery certified instructor. During her time as an archer, she has had to deal with challenges like target panic and sought to discover new ways to achieve a fitness and harmony of the body and mind to improve at archery and in life.

A quiet yet powerful leader, Brandi has always sought to find new ways to co-create with collaborators and friends, and to connect people with each other and help them dream bigger, by combining insightful questioning with planning and practice. A visionary at heart, Brandi sees this work in Archer’s Curve as inspiring new conversations around how to engage the discipline and community more fully, better yourself, and live in your truth, so you can share your gifts and wisdom with others.

In this episode, Brandi shares:

1. How archery helped her develop strength, perseverance and confidence, 

2. Why it's important to get into your body and clear your mind, 

3. About the ethics of shooting animals. 

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Connect with Brandi on her website brandibernoskie.com and follow her on Instagram @brandibernoskie!

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