EP17: From Anxious And Depressed To Truly Thriving

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Hi everyone,

I am very enthusiastic about bringing you this weeks episode, anxiety and depression are my biggest obstacles and I have spent over a decade studying ways to heal it! As a result of all this research, I have learned that the simplest remedies oftentimes work the best. 

Whether it's you or someone you know who's struggling with depression, this episode is going to tell you how to start healing and more importantly: how to consistently be well. My wish is that as a result of listening, you will know that you will feel better and that anxiety and depression don't have to keep you from living a free and abundant life! 

In this episode, I share:

1. About some of the main causes of depression, 

2. How a few changes will help you be at peace and regain your energy, and

3. How you can be anxiety-free using natural healing!

What I talk about in the episode doesn't cover everything that needs to be done in order to heal completely and can't be used as a substitution for professional coaching or therapy! Healing anxiety and depression also needs to be done on a mental and emotional level, so use the information in this episode to start your healing journey and then get help, so that you can leave this behind for good! 

Resources from the show: 

To heal means to return to our natural state: “Nature is my home and the closer I live to it, the happier I will be.”

Comment below and tell me about your takeaways, I'd love to hear from you!