{Success Story} How Allison Got Rid of Her Money Blocks and Built a Business that’s Based on Integrity + Love

Do you wish you made more money? Do you run a business and feel like it’s an uphill struggle? Do you feel weighed down by old unresolved issues?

If you answered YES, to one or more of these questions, then I am so excited to intruduce you to one of my favorite people, because she knows exactly how you feel.

Meet Allison

“I came to Hanna when I was only making enough money to pay the bills with a little left over every month. I also struggled with valuing myself and setting boundaries. I was easily overwhelmed by other people's energies and had put on a lot of armor of protection.

I am so happy to say that within just a few weeks of working with Hanna, my monthly income doubled! I am now consistently making more money than I ever have. And best of all- the clients I attract are wonderful people and so great to work with!

My life is beautiful, grounded, honest and joyful. I feel that I've been able to create a new sense of security and safety, one that comes from knowing myself better and having released the stuck old energy. I have a greater sense of confidence and an entirely new perspective on life!

Working with Hanna is like a treat for me and I see it as a gift that I'm giving myself maybe for the first time in my life.”

-Allison Pelot, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Oregon, USA


Amazing, right? Everyone here at hannabier.com is very proud and impressed by Allisons results! And before you jump to conclusions thinking: “I am not like Allison, I can’t do what she did” - let’s look at the exact steps she took to get here:

Here’s How She Did It

She Was Honest About What Wasn’t Working

While Allison started out in a pretty good position, she still needed to take an honest look in the mirror to see what wasn’t working in her finances. For her, it was mostly money blocks and some family money patterns.

We all have them! The thing is just that most people would rather stick their heads in the sand than be honest about where things are going wrong.

Let me repeat: It’s completely normal to have money blocks! But they can ruin your life if you aren’t willing to admit them to yourself. (And then take action to clear them of course.)

She Focused on Healing Her Money Blocks Until They Were Mostly Gone

You will never be completely free from money blocks, it’s simply a part of being human. Every time you move into a new level of abundance in your life, you will have to clear your way through some inner blocks in order to get there.

My job as Allisons Coach was to give her the tools to release her money blocks as they came up. She took the tools I offered and within only weeks (amazing, right!), she doubled her income!

Allison came to me already running her own Personal Training business, so it was a matter of tapping into the money making opportunities that were already all around her.

She Designed a Clear Vision of the Life She Wanted to Create

Creating a vision for her life helped Allison in a massive way, because she finally had a clear picture of where she was going!

Without that, we usually waste a lot of time, money and energy taking ineffective action steps. This can really tank your self-esteem, because you find yourself taking risks and working your buns off without any real results. How frustrating!

When I talk about creating a vision, I don’t mean just a vision board or a list of goals. We want to map out your life SO CLEARLY and detailled that your vision almost becomes like a shopping list!

You’ll see exactly what steps to focus on today, this week, this month, this year. It’ll become a doable and fun (yes, fun!) path that walks you straight into your dream life.

You’ll get to where you want to go faster and more effectively than you would on your own (and with a lot less headache).

She Realized That It’s Not About the Money

This is in important one: Making money is not about the money. It’s a measurement of how many people you are helping. It’s a measurement of your own sense of self-worth. It’s a measurement of how much freedom and wellbeing you are allowing yourself to have!

Especially as a business owner, you will notice that when you focus on how much or how little money you are making, it’s really hard to reach your financial goals.

However - if you are fully focused on using your gifts to help a lot of people, the channels of abundance open up! Allison focused on creating a business that was based on love and integrity. This shift allowed her to enjoy her work more and it also made her clients want to stay, as well as refer friends and family to her.

Being generous is a great business strategy and it paid off massively with Allison.

Final note

Here you go! I hope you were able to see the steps that predictably got Allison to a place of making a very healthy income and enjoying her life again.

With that said - I just want to remind you that my clients are regular women just like you and I. If Allison can do it, you can too.

You simply might not have learned the tools to have your finances the way you want them and that’s totally ok. Every one of us arrives at the stage where we know that we need help in figuring out this “money” thing!

What do you find most inspiring about Allisons story? Let me know in the comments below :)