EP26: Alexandra Roxo On Snake Medicine, Bondage And Being Yourself

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Hi wild ones,

This weeks guest is Alexandra Roxo, a film maker, writer and mentor. I wanted to have Alexandra on the show, because she is wise, funny and a true mystic on a mission! 

On the show, we talk about speaking your truth and how to deal with the pain of being rejected, as well as what it takes to heal and keep walking your path even when it get's hard. 

I love this episode because we also get into Alexandras experiences with snake medicine and how a Japanese bondage practice called Shibori has helped her enter deeper states of surrender! 

About Alexandra:

Alexandra Roxo is a creator, filmmaker, writer, spiritual and creative mentor, healer, coach, and community leader living by the ocean in Los Angeles, California.  

As a coach, healer and mentor, she works with people one on one to help them unfold into their best selves, guide them through their own healing processes, and find the next steps in their lives towards greater health, fulfillment and deep love.  

She writes a popular column called “Holy F*ck” for The Numinous where she explores modern spirituality and sexuality.  The column has also turned into a series of online workshops where she digitally gathers people to talk about the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.  

She is the co-founder of the online community Moon Club, dedicated to inspiring and empowering women, gathering in ritual, and broadening community for social and personal change.  

Her film work has been featured in international press from Vogue to Dazed to i-D, New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and more.

In this episode, Alexandra shares:

1. About her career as a multipassionate creative, 

2. How to be yourself and let go of the idea that you have to be perfect, 

3. And about the healing power of dancing with snakes and Japanese bondage! 

Resources from the show: 

- The Numinous

- The upcoming Shibori retreat

Connect with Alexandra on her website http://www.alexandraroxo.com 

and follow her on Instagram @alexandraroxo!

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