10 Ways to Become an Amazing Action Taker

Taking strategic and effective action steps predictably gets you to where you want to go.

But if you’re anything like my clients and I - being an amazing action taker isn’t always easy! Procrastination… confusion… changing direction twice a day…

Sounds like you?

One thing I teach in all my programs is exactly how to be a master at taking action. It makes the achievement of your dreams easy-breezy! And the best thing is: everyone can learn it.

Let’s get started:

Here’s How You You’re Not Taking (Enough) Effective Action

You Work Too Much (It’s True!)

I meet so many people in my day-to-day who work around the clock without seeing the results they should see: The lingerie designer who works 60 hours a week without making a profit in her business… The Senior Executive of a sportswear company who works 80 hours a week for his 80k/year salary… The budding entrepreneur who thinks she has to be a social media superstar in order to get clients.

What do they all have in common? A lot of work with very little (or no) pay. That’s not sustainable!

Working a lot usually means that you are trying to achieve your goals in a rather ineffective way. If you are in the same camp as the people above (as I was for a long time), then it’s time for a change.

Instead of trying to work all the time, revise your strategy and find smarter ways to reach your goals. It is totally possible to double/triple/quadruple your profits and income every year! In order to get there, we need to shift your focus from “I need to work hard” to “What’s the most effective strategy?”

You Have Some Inner Blocks Around Taking Action

Inner blocks - we all have them. They are the real reason why we’re not always taking massive action!

Here are the “stickiest” blocks I find in my clients: Procrastination, confusion, lack of self-belief, inner resistance, comparison, fear of success, low self-worth, exhaustion…

There are many more, but these are the most common ones. Do any of those apply to you too? If so - I highly recommend starting a daily Energy Healing practice, so you can throw your blocks out of your system.

Without your energetic blocks, taking action will be so much easier! It’s not that you aren’t a good action taker, it’s just that you’ve accumulated some blocks over the course of your life that won’t allow you to work most effectively.

And that’s totally ok. We simply need to clear them :)

You Don’t Have a Clear Enough Vision of Where You Are Going (And How)

Without a clear vision of where you are going, you will probably waste a lot of time, money and energy taking ineffective action steps.

This can really tank your self-esteem, because you find yourself taking risks and working your buns off without any real results. How frustrating!

When I talk about creating a vision, I don’t mean just a vision board or a list of goals. We want to map out your life SO CLEARLY and detailled that your vision almost becomes like a shopping list.

You’ll see exactly what steps to focus on today, this week, this month, this year. It’ll become a doable and fun (yes, fun!) path that walks you straight into your dream life.

You’ll get to where you want to go faster and more effectively than you would on your own (and with a lot less headache).

Here Are 10 Ways to Become an Amazing Action Taker

  1. Start a Daily Energy Healing Routine

  2. Have a Clear Vision for Your Life

  3. Enjoy the Journey of Working Towards Your Vision

  4. Design a Highly Effective Strategy That Will Take You to Your Goals

  5. Increase Your Sense of Self-Worth

  6. Take the Next Step That’s Right Under Your Nose

  7. Take 3-5 Action Steps a Day

  8. Ask the Divine to Clear the Path for You

  9. Less Talking, More Doing

  10. Boldly Say Yes to the Opportunities That Come Your Way

Final note

What I love most about turning my clients into amazing action takers, is that it makes the achievement of your goals inevitable. AND it allows you to enjoy the journey of getting there!

Results are fun, but in my eyes - getting to experience the process is the real reward. I hope that today’s post inspired you and gave you some practical tools on how to take more effective action.

What was most helpful about today’s blog post? Let me know in the comments below :)