23 Reasons Why You Must Start Doing Energy Clearings (If You Don't Already)

My clients and I are OBSESSED with Energy Clearings. It’s a set of simple and very effective meditations + tools that help you clear out any inner “gunk” you’ve accumulated over the course of your life.

Think of it as taking an inner shower! When you do an energy clearing, you basically wash away any worries, inner blocks, old trauma and limiting beliefs, which leaves you feeling amazing.

Here are 23 Reasons Why You Must Start Doing Energy Clearings (If You Don't Already):

  1. Energy Healings help you wash away any negative energy you picked up from your day

  2. They make you feel lighter and brighter the more you do them

  3. Energy Healings can help you heal from depression (without needing to see a therapist for a long time)

  4. Energy Healings open up your intuition

  5. They work 100% of the time and for any person

  6. They are great for people who struggle to meditate

  7. You can do them anywhere: in the car/on the train/ in the shower/while you are cleaning…

  8. The more you do them, the luckier you get!

  9. Energy Healings can make you look younger over time (Goodbye wrinkles :) )

  10. Energy Healings can help you release self-destructive habits like overeating or undereating

11. Energy Healings heal trauma at the deepest level and remove it for good

12. You can learn how to do them yourself pretty quickly and easily (even if you are a complete beginner)

13. You can even learn how to heal your pets and the people around you!

14. They are my #1 tool for releasing anxiety

15. Energy Healings make you feel happy for no reason

16. You will become more attractive to money, opportunities and success!

17. Energy Healings help you see what your purpose is, so you can find your soul work

18. Energy Healings deepen your spiritual connection, allowing you to move through life with a deeper sense of faith

19. You can use energy healings to transform your love life (even if it’s been stuck for a long time)

20. You will notice that you are walking around in a protective bubble of light that always loves you and cares for you

21. Energy Healings free you up to create the life you want!

22. When your Energy Field is clean and clear from any blocks, manifestation becomes easy breezy

23. They help you get back in control of your life again

Have you tried Energy Clearings before? If yes - what do YOU love most about it? Let me know in the comments below :)

(and if not, click here! I’d love to give you a taster)