Healing Past Hurts To Recover Your Energy

I've been a little quiet as of late and spent a lot of time feeling, healing and going inward.

Many of you know that I've had a pretty rough life and my intention this year was to give myself the gift of working through the unresolved stuff I was carrying around with me! 
These past and current weeks, I have been healing my family trauma, adrenal fatigue and safety issues and it has brought me to my knees in a really good, humbling way. 

I feel very fortunate about my life, I do awesome work, I have lots of love and fulfillment in my life and my friends even say that I am the most blissed-out person they know! 
I credit my genuine happiness to the times I let myself break down, go back a little bit and work through the pain that is weighing me down. To pause whenever I need it, so that I can lighten my load a little bit. 

I used to think my love for cozy nights in meant that I was hiding but I am loving my private, introspective nature more now. It's both really effective and loving towards myself to take some time out to work through some old energy. Not having to drag the past around with me anymore is incredibly liberating! 

The truth is, we all have a different story and different needs.
The past has brought us to this present moment and when we honor what happened and integrate the healing gifts these experiences come with, we will be free to truly enjoy our lives and fully participate in it!

I found that the more I unclutter myself and resolve past hurts, the stronger I get! The more I release the old baggage, the more life force energy can move through me and show up as a beautiful life all around me. 

Whatever you are letting go of and working through right now, I am celebrating you! Devoting yourself to lightening your load, so that you can flow a little better is such deep love. 

Wishing you a lovely summer and if you are going through something similar, happy cleansing! 

All my love,