Is it possible to overdose on healing?


Energy healing modalities like Family Constellation Therapy, Reiki and Energy Clearing are great ways to clear out old energy and raise your consciousness, but the healing can also come with some uncomfortable side effects!

I just recently did a lot of self-healing and overdosed on a it a bit which made me want to write this blog post as a reminder for all of us. 

Imagine a stone transforming into a gas. A change like this requires tremendous energy, so if you've been holding on to old emotions, memories and thoughts, you might have to work through some dense energy in order to be able to live in the higher frequencies of love, joy, peace and abundance! Freeing yourself from illusions and heavy emotions is so worth it, even if it's not always a walk in the park.

Here are some common signs of dense energy transforming:

  • Muscle twitching and soreness
  • Intense dreams
  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Tiredness
  • Confusion
  • Old emotions coming to the surface
  • Lots of yawning and "zoning out"
  • Getting a fever or a runny nose

If you are feeling any of those, you can know that a lot is happening in your system and it's time to help the energy integrate. In order to get the most out of your healing experience, I recommend taking the following steps! 

1. Honor your need for sleep and take the signs of your body very literally!

Sleep as much as you need to, supplement with B vitamins to support your adrenals and drink at least 3 liters of water per day. 

Again, the changes you are going through require a lot of energy and while you are in the transformation phase, you will likely need to slow down significantly. Also, yawning a lot is a great sign, it's basically your body rebooting after getting a big download.

Many people also report falling asleep during the day and wanting to zone out. Basically, this is your soul trying to get you out of the way, so that it can take the healing even deeper. Trust the responses of your body and support it with lots of rest and good nutrition! 

2. Gently stretch your body and walk it out.

Your body is usually the last part of you to catch up on the healing and it helps to use gentle movement to integrate the new frequency.

You can visualize massaging the healing gifts into your tissues by practicing some yin yoga at your own pace, going for long walks or doing some gentle breathing meditations! This is especially helpful if you feel sore, overwhelmed or confused.

The energy really just wants to move and sometimes when it bumps up against dense spots, there can be some discomfort. Just keep moving your body in a gentle way and it will go away! 

3. Take breaks to really let the healing sink in.

Breaks in between sessions are as important as savasana after a yoga class. During a healing session, we are really just jump starting the energy shift, the magic really happens in the hours and days after, when the energy ripples out through your energy field and does the healing work.

It's important not to interfere and to let whatever happens happen! Give whatever comes up for you infinite space to be there exactly as it is.

If you are feeling anger, fear or if memories from the past come up, let them move through you! Cry it out, journal it out and really let yourself process this before you move on to the next phase of your healing. I see people jump from thing to thing and miss out on a lot of the healing experience, which means that they will have to do it over and over again until it finally sinks in. 

4. Remember that change is cumulative and retroactive.

Just receive the healing, move with it and continue your life. Over time, you will feel lighter, more stable and energized, but for now drop all expectations of what healing should look like for you.

Don't overthink it, one day you will look back and be astonished at how far you've come!

5. Honor your need for silence, boundaries and gentleness.

Use palo santo, essential oils, gentle music and work with Archangel Michael to soothe and protect yourself. After some healing, you might feel more sensitive than usual and feel easily overwhelmed! This is just your spiritual senses attuning so while this process is happening, make sure to keep your nervous system at ease. 

It's a great feeling to have found an energy healing modality that works for you, helps you clear out old emotions, thoughts and hurts and makes you feel lighter and lighter!

When I first really felt some shifts, it was in a Family Constellation Therapy session and I felt like a huge weight dropped off my shoulders. In that moment, I knew I could heal anything. A truly happy and abundant life finally felt within reach and I found the tools I needed to get there. 

I hope this blog post will help you get the most out of your healing and help you ascend to higher states of awareness with as much ease as possible! 

All my love, 

Hanna x 

PS: If you are interested in a Family Constellation Therapy session with me, click here to learn more and book an appointment. I would be excited to work with you!