How to feel your feelings for optimal healing!

You might have heard the saying "You need to feel it to heal it" before and wondered how to do that. 

Something I teach all of my clients is how to effectively process their emotions, it's SO important but hardly anyone knows how to do it! 

We oftentimes hear that we shouldn't stuff our feelings down, that we should let the emotions come up, but at the same time we also have a life to live and don't want to be in a state of heavy energy for too long! 

I found that especially people who have had a rough past are afraid that once they open up the doors to their emotions, they won't be able to shake the despair. This used to be my biggest fear and I would rather feel numb than open up the dusty closets to my past emotions! 

In order to support you with this, I want to teach you a very simple and effective way to feel your feelings! An emotion usually only stays for about 40 seconds (if felt properly) and then moves on. So even if you have a lot of heavy stuff stuck inside you or if you are currently in a little bit of a crisis, you can know that if you really open your heart and let in the emotion, it won't last long. 

Every emotion comes with a healing gift: 
Anger helps you set boundaries and keeps you safe. Sadness helps release tension and rejuvenates. Fear sharpens your instincts and helps you take aligned action. Confusion means that you don't have all the information you need to make a decision yet and gets you into a state of inquiry. 

When emotions are able to flow properly, we get the healing gifts the feeling is here to bring us. This also explains why the biggest growth spurts usually happen after we release pent up emotions from the past, we let so much emotion run through our bodies that they are able to address many of our issues and we receive a huge dose of healing. 

So here's how to feel your feelings in an effective way and for optimal healing: 

When an emotion comes up (no matter if it's from the past, present or about the future), simply give it infinite space to be here. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and give it space. Then give it even more space, not needing to change it or evaluate it. Just give it space and let it be here exactly as it is. Then give it even more space and be even more generous.

Continue doing this for as long as it takes. After some time you'll see that with enough space, an emotion simply arises, does its healing work on you and then moves on. It's that simple!

Feeling your feelings this way might be new for you and it might require some practice. But it's so worth it! 

You will no longer need to be afraid of your feelings and you will grow faster than you ever thought possible. The pain of the past will release and you will be free to feel more positive emotions. This exercise is like a deep cleanse for the soul. We clear out all the gunk, which leaves more space for you to feel happy, blissed out and at peace! 

All my love,