How to get your ancestors to support you

Self-doubt, procrastination and self-sabotage can really be a pain in the butt. 

It might feel like there's this invisible force that's keeping you in the same behavior and even though you've done so much law of attraction, self-help work and yoga, it's still an issue. 

Do you sometimes wish you could just get your life together and be more motivated/clear-minded/confident/successful? Do you sometimes get so mad at yourself because it seems like you keep battling the same issue and make such slow progress towards the life you want (if at all?) 

What if I told you that most of these sketchy patterns are actually acts of love towards your family? Believe it or not, the way your family members are doing in life determines your ability to make money, be healthy and loved in a big way! 

Have you heard the saying that your life is the sum of the five people you hang out with the most? Now, imagine the impact your family must have on you, since you are genetically and energetically even closer! 

Maybe your family members aren't making a lot of money and you are subconsciously following them by keeping your income low. Maybe it's common in your family to follow a certain career path and pursuing what you love is hard, because you are one of the first people to do it!

No matter what your situation looks like, your family consciousness affects you in a huge way. A big part of why it might be hard for you to get ahead in life is because you are subconsciously staying in line with your family's ways of life!

This especially shows when we look at self-doubt: The doom and gloom scenarios in your head are mostly stories you have picked up from your parents. Think about the thoughts that are on repeat on your mind: "You screwed up again" "Don't get your hopes up" " You can't do this" - where does it really come from?
Most of it can be traced back to what your family taught you about life, which means that the self-doubt isn't even really yours. 

The truth is, when you were very little, you came onto the planet and had to learn how to do life! 
So you soaked up all the information you could get from your parents and out of love and loyalty to them, you are still following your family and doing life the way they modeled for you back then. 

But you also came here to do life a little better and differently than your parents did! You are the cumulation of all the experiences, hardships and successes of your ancestors and you are here to honor them by taking a couple steps further and living a little happier than they were able to. 

Oftentimes we operate on a subconscious belief that we would betray the ones we love by surpassing them and having more love, health, money and fun than them. When really, the best parts of all the people we love, especially our ancestors, want us to do well! 

If you are like me, you are probably walking around with a bunch of Archangels and guides to support you all day, but have you ever considered consciously adding your ancestors to your support team? 

Ideally, your parents and ancestors souls would be standing behind you as you are taking steps into your future. So imagine this for a moment: 

Your mothers soul (the purest and best part of her) is standing behind your left shoulder. 
Your dads soul (the purest and best part of him) is behind your right shoulder. And then see, feel or sense all of your ancestors standing behind your parents. 

These are the people who gave you the greatest gift of all - the gift of life and who have paved the way for you! 

Here's a prayer you can say to them, so that you have your families energetic support as you are taking steps to create your future: 

"Dear Mom and Dad, dear Ancestors, 
I honor you. 
You gave me the greatest gift of all, which is the gift of life. Out of love and loyalty to you, I have been following your ways. I've been wanting to bond with you by living my life the way you lived yours. I have been struggling with _______. Out of this deep desire to belong and this fear to surpass you, I have been have been holding myself back. But I am exhausted now and I need your support. 

Dear Mom and Dad, dear Ancestors, 
Please bless me and give me the courage and permission to surpass you. Please support me in having a healthy, wealthy and happy life, even though you weren't able to. And please help me know that in doing so, I'll be honoring you, not betraying you. 

Please stand behind me as I take steps into the future. I know that the best parts of you want me to be well. I let your support and life force energy in now. I let your love in and I let you assist me in living a great life! 

Thank you."

Repeat this prayer every day before going about your day and keep visualizing the best parts of your ancestors behind you. No matter your relationship to your family, this is completely safe to do and a good way to start healing your family dynamics! 

In the bigger picture, this will enable you to stop blindly following your ancestors and support you in bonding with them in healthier ways. At the end of the day, we want to liberate you from any procrastination, self-doubt or other heavy energy, so that you are free to create your life the way it suits you!