15 Things You Should Know About Realizing Your Dreams

If you are anything like my clients and I - you probably have HUGE dreams for your life that you want to realize.

If that’s you, you are in the perfect place :)

Today, I am sharing with you what I learned as a result of realizing so many of my own dreams in hopes that they’ll inspire you to continue to believe in yourself:

15 Things You Should Know About Realizing Your Dreams

1. Its Going to Be Hard

Yes, that’s right. You will be stretched to your limits. You will have to learn some new tools and take some new action steps. It’s all part of the process.

Feeling like “this whole following my dreams thing is hard” doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong, it just means you are growing!

Not everyone is going to live they life they want because it’s definitely not a path for people who only want to be comfortable.

2. You'll Want to Give Up

At some stages, you might even want to throw in the towel. That’s usually right after something unexpected happens (which is completely normal) or you lose sight of why you are doing this in the first place.

3. But You Won’t (And That’s Going to Make All the Difference)

Your dreams become inevitable as long as you don’t give up. And even though you want to sometimes - you never actually do!

Instead, you develop a deeper sense of tenacity. You move forward with a better strategy. And you focus back on why you have decided to bring your dreams to fruition, which gives you a new boost of confidence.

4. You'll Discover What You’re Truly Capable of

My favorite part of this entire process is getting discover what I am truly capable of!

I keep noticing that the things I thought I would NEVER be able to do (like run a highly profitable business while having a beautiful, private life or living in a big city like London) - are totally possible for me to do.

You’ll be surprised at your capabilities too (and be so proud of yourself!)

5. You’ll Make Amazing Friends Along the Way

Realizing your dreams never happens in isolation. You simply can’t achieve them on your own! You might have tried and noticed that your progress is really slow (or non-existent).

There is nothing wrong with you if that’s the case! It’s also not a sign of weakness if you need help. It’s just a sign that you are human like the rest of us.

On your way to realizing your goals, you’ll make amazing friends who support you as much as you support them. Making those connections will be one of the best parts of this journey :)

6. You’ll Have to Clear so Many of Your Inner Blocks

Every new level brings up a new set of inner blocks. This too - (say it with me) IS NORMAL! There. Is. Nothing. Wrong. With. You. At. All.

When you have the right tools to “blow up” those blocks as they come up, they won’t hold you back so much anymore and actually become very useful action steps that take you into your future.

7. The People in Your Life Won’t Understand

Yup, yup. It’s the truth! Not everyone is wired to live an extraordinary life. There are many people who are completely fine following the path their parents and society set them on and that’s totally ok.

But if you are different - like my clients and I - then that can feel very isolating! It can feel like people don’t understand you (even though they want the best for you.)

8. But You’ll Love Them Anyway

Of course, you’ll love them anyway. But in addition to your friends and family, you will also surround yourself with other people who are on the same path for you.

Like I said earlier, greatness does not grow in isolation. Your greatest asset will be your community of ambitious women who get you and who you can count on to help you get to your next level.

9. You’ll Deepen Your Relationship With the Divine

Realizing your dreams is a spiritual journey. On the way - you will become an amazing manifestor and develop a deep, intimate relationship with the Divine.

The doors in your life will open up as you allow the Universe to support you and bring you the resources you need to realize your goals.

10. You’ll Fall in Love With the Game

In the beginning, all the action-taking, learning-of-new-things and block-clearing might feel like drugery. But over time, as you reap the amazing results of your action steps, you’ll start to enjoy the journey.

Before you know it - you’ll be in love with the game of creating your dream life. It feels amazing to be 100% in charge of your life!

11. It's the Most Fun + Rewarding Thing You'll Ever Do

Oh yes - what greater adventure is there than to design and create the life you really want for yourself? I can’t think of anything :)

And no, it’s not selfish to do so. Your family and friends want you to be the happiest, most successful version of you. From there, the people around you naturally “bump up” and get inspired to live beautiful lives too!

12. You'll Learn Some Very Surprising Lessons

I continue to be surprised at the lessons I learn from realizing my dreams:

  • When I knock on a door and it opens, I am divinely led to walk through it

  • My sense of self-worth is the only thing that limits my income potential

  • Taking action always works, it always gets me results

  • I always feel SO MUCH BETTER after having done my daily Energy Healing routine

  • The Universe is always available to help me, I only have to ask

My perspective on life has completely changed and I am curious how you’ll change as a result of realizing your dreams! (In a very good way of course)

13. Your Life Will Get Easier Over Time

In the beginning, you might think: “Where is this leading? Am I doing this right? What if this doesn’t work out?”

But soon you’ll notice that every action steps (no matter how small), brings you a result. Over time, you will reap the fruits of your labor and your life will transform in the most magical ways.

And it will all be worth it :)

14. You'll Be so Proud of Yourself

Those self-esteem issues you used to have? Gone. The self-doubt that tormented you? Gone. The impostor syndrome that haunted you? Gone too :)

One of the most amazing side effects of being on this path is what it does to your inner world! You’ll feel so proud and invincible. You’ll look back at your path of twists and turns and be amazing at the inner strength you showed.

From here, you’ll look into your future, excited to create the next stage of your life!

15. You’ll Be Surprised at What This Journey Is Really About

I discovered that seeking success is not about the success! It’s about stretching into your potential. Finding out what you’re capable of. Refusing to live bogged down by the weight of your unrealized dreams.

I discovered that making money is a measure of how many people I help! And that the cash flows freely, the more I simply focus on being helpful.

Most of all - I realized that it’s not about me. It’s about loving the people who I am divinely contracted to help with what life has “trained” me to do.

Final note

Congratulations for being part of the black sheep who are ready to step into their greatness! I am already so proud of you.

I know how hard it is to navigate the twist and turns while being 100% dependent on yourself. But if there’s one thing I learned over and over and over again: It’s totally worth it!

What’s a big dream you are working on realizing? Let me know in the comments below :)