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“I came to Hanna with constant anxiety, low self-esteem and a lot of limiting beliefs about myself. As a result of working with Hanna, my mindset and the way I approach life has completely changed!

I am pushing less and struggling less. Life does not have to be a struggle. I am now so much more confident and in alignment with who I truly am! But above all, as an actor I was shocked at how much my work improved because I am so much more emotionally present and free!”

-Esma Karamanci Kirim, Actor and Entertainer


“Before working with Hanna, I had chronic fatigue, insomnia, OCD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and childhood trauma. I was in talk therapy for 10 years and didn’t see any improvement in my struggles. Even just after my first session with Hanna, I felt significantly lighter!

So much has changed since I worked with Hanna: I am finally stepping into my childhood dream of being a writer and I am currently working on two different writing projects! I am so grateful for the life I have now.”

-Nicole Theron-Parkes, Writer and Teacher


I am so happy to say that within just a few weeks of working with Hanna, my monthly income doubled! I am now consistently making more money than I ever have. And best of all- the clients I attract are wonderful people and so great to work with.

My life is beautiful, grounded, honest and joyful. I feel that I’ve been able to create a new sense of security and safety, one that comes from knowing myself better and having released the stuck old energy. I have a greater sense of confidence and an entirely new perspective on life!”

-Allison Pelot, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


You have a vision; a dream of experiencing a gorgeous, rich and beautifully feminine life that supports the freedom-based lifestyle you've been craving for so long..

...It's Time To Make That Vision A Reality.


Hanna's 1:1 programs are designed to help you release any energetic blockages and transgenerational patterns that are in the way of you experiencing your life to your fullest potential.

She uses Energy Clearings, Family Constellations and masterful life + business strategy, so you can transcend your current challenges and move into a new level of confidence creating your abundant future with ease.

Hanna has worked with hundreds of women helping them achieve new levels of success in their love-based businesses, fall in love with the perfect mate for them, as well as grow lighter + brighter and live more abundantly than ever before.

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1:1 Coaching with Hanna

Here’s what’s included in your program:

  • Unlimited email access to Hanna, so you'll get the high-level support you deserve

  • Bi-weekly coaching + healing calls with Hanna (2 x 60 mins, recorded audio calls)

  • A detailed welcome packet that includes an in-depth intensive questionnaire, so I can get to know you and your needs before we even begin

  • Personalized Family Constellations, Energy Healings and homeplay assignments that will help you heal deeply + create the life you want

The investment is $700/month for 6 months or $4000 in full.


+ If you start your 1:1 Coaching Program within three days of your Soulful Success Call, you will also receive a complimentary 30-minute Integration call at the end of your program (Value $300).

Step Into Your Bigger Future Today

Are you ready for your next level?

I am ready to live the life I desire.

I am ready to release any blocks and fears in the way of my success + happiness.

I am ready to stop tolerating slow progress and struggling on my own.

I am ready to take full responsibility for my actions.

I am ready to feel fully supported in my life and business.

I am ready to trust this proven process.

I am ready to do the work that's required.

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In just six months, you could make more progress toward your highest life vision than you would in 5-10 years of struggling on your own.

(Or worse, living in a state of doubt and anxiety, wondering if you'll ever make your dreams happen.)


let’s accelerate your path to the freedom and greatness you were born for.