Family Constellation Therapy
& Soulful Success Coaching


You have big dreams and are excited to work towards the vision you have for your life, but somehow, things don't seem to be going your way.

It's almost as if an invisible force is keeping you from reaching your goals and you have no clue why you can't break the patterns that are holding you back.

Family Constellation Therapy helps us get to the root of your issues, disintegrate the patterns that are holding you back and heal the trauma that has been passed down to you in your family lineage!

You Can Expect To...
  • Release trauma (ancestral and your own)

  • Heal dysfunctional patterns in your love life

  • Overcome financial issues and have healthier money flow

  • Leave procrastination, fear and perfectionism behind

  • Alleviate health issues, addiction and balance your hormones

  • Have healthier family dynamics

  • Heal anxiety and depression

  • And much more...


This works, even if you read all the books, have tried lots of coaching and still can't figure out why your health/career/relationships/money situation is out of whack! 

The family system you are a part of affects you in a big way. Out of love and loyalty to your family, you are carrying some of their trauma and playing out some of their patterns, without even being aware of it! 

Through this work, you will not only resolve your own issues, but also open the floodgates in your family system, so that more life energy can flow through and nourish all souls who are (and will be) part of your lineage!

Family Constellation Therapy helps you identify what's yours and what's definitely not. Together, we can reorganize your family system and heal the ancestral patterns that are keeping you from living a creative, rich and love-filled life! 

One session can heal generations of patterns and can feel like years of therapy.


Start Your Healing

Welcome Session

One 30-minute session to answer questions, do an intake and get to know each other.


10-Session Package

Ten 60-minute sessions


5-Session Package

Five 60-minute sessions


*Sessions will be held over the phone/Skype and I offer monthly payment plans upon request, as well as weekend & evening sessions for most time zones. Email me at if you have any questions or can't find an appointment time that works for you.


I recommend to book a Welcome Session here or buy a package right away, so that you can experience the life changing results for yourself. Your core problem might be fixed within our first session, but of course, the more you commit to your well-being, the faster your life will change for the better!