The Radiance Mastermind

A 6-Month Group Coaching Program for creative women on a mission. 

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...having a clear vision of your ideal life and excitedly going for it!

The right doors are opening for you and you can see the exact steps that will take you to your happy future.

You feel amazing in your own skin. You are realizing your dreams with more ease and confidence!

Wouldn't that be amazing?

But right now, something about your life feels off. You see other women travel the world, get their dream careers and fall in love. It reminds you of how far away you are from the life you really want to live.

There's a lot to be grateful for, but deep inside, you know you are meant for more.

You've already tried overcoming the self-doubt, procrastination and resistance on your own - but you keep bumping up against the same obstacles!

If this is how you feel, I can totally relate.


Creating the rich and fulfilling life I have today, was not easy for me at all.

When I first started my business, I had a really hard time. I was doubting myself a lot, I procrastinated like a pro and every time a great opportunity presented itself to me - I froze in resistance.

I had no idea what was going on - I was working with brilliant clients who loved my work. I was making good money and had plenty of time for travel. Isn't that a sign of a successful life? And why did I feel so miserable inside?

I realized that I had to change my ways if I wanted to stay in business without burning out.

I loved working with my clients but the constant self-doubt was making it hard for me to enjoy the rest of my duties as an entrepreneur. I had to bring some lightness back into my career, otherwise I wouldn't be able to continue doing this for much longer!


Finally, I quit fighting against myself and let myself break down. Instead of pushing myself to do more and to do better, I just worked with the clients I had at the time and focused on enjoying myself more.

Something that felt really good back then was doing energy clearings and intuitive meditations. Little did I know that they would drastically raise my vibration and within a short period of time, my life was on the upswing - and this time growing my business in a much easier, more joyful way!

I am now loving working in my business more than ever.

I don't have to push myself to work towards my goals anymore. Realizing my dreams is one the most fun things I get to do each day! I still experience detours and setbacks, but I feel much more energized and optimistic about my future.

The best part - I have become an amazing action taker and I truly believe in myself. Who knew that being nicer to myself would have such an impact on my business growth?


That's why I created the Radiance Mastermind for brilliant, creative women like you!

This 6-month group coaching program is meant to help you shift from feeling unsure about your future to being excited and happy about where you are headed in life.

It's possible to go for your dreams - and it doesn't have to be an uncomfortable struggle.

This Mastermind is designed to help you generate the happiness and material success you desire - while feeling cozy and at peace with yourself.

Together, we will...

1 Create a clear picture of the life you want to live.

The right vision immediately brings a smile to your face and makes you want to take steps towards it. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or travel the world - together, we are going to find out what it is that you really want out of life.

I'd love to help you live more in alignment with what brings you joy, so that you can feel happier and more at peace in your day-to-day!

2 Clear everything you are being, doing, believing and choosing that is in the way of you being truly happy.

Imagine having a big smile on your face while chasing your dreams. Imagine already loving your life and upgrading it from a place of joy and wholeness.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to pursue your goals without any fear, procrastination or confusion and instead buzzing with motivation. Let's help you move your life forward while feeling amazing in your own skin!

3 turn you into an amazing action taker.

Whether it's finding the right mate for you, getting your career on track or starting a love-based business, action is what is going to take you there!

What if you had access to the right events, people, opportunities and know-how that are going to support in reaching your goals? What if you radiated such beautiful energy that people love saying yes to you and opening doors for you? 

4 help you feel happy and at peace in your own skin.

It's one thing to create a life that you love and it's another to be able to truly enjoy it. Together, we are going to help you feel at home in your body and really love yourself!

5 Connect with your divine support team.

Believe it or not, there are angels, guides and ancestors just waiting for you to connect with them and they are excited to help you live a healthy and successful life. What if you were an excellent receiver of the guidance and gifts that are awaiting you?

The Radiance Mastermind is an energy healing and meditation based group coaching program for creative women with a dream.

I will connect you with other women who are as big-hearted, driven and generous as you are - and together we will help you live a life that's in perfect alignment with who you are!


Hanna has been a huge support through major transitions in my life! I recovered from a breakup, moved across the country and transformed my business. Our sessions are fun, we laugh every single time and her vibe completely uplifts my day!
— Rachel, Health And Nutrition Expert

The Program Includes...
  • An intake form + personal review from me

Before starting the program, I will send you a digital form which you can fill out at home with a cozy cup of tea. I will then personally go through your form and tailor our coaching calls to your needs and desires. This helps us make sure that you'll get exactly what you need out of our time together!

  • Two 60-minute group coaching calls per month (12 in total)

The first and third Monday of each month at 10am EST, we will meet for a 60-minute group coaching and energy clearing call. If you miss a call, you'll get the replay and receive the same healing benefits you would as a live participant!

  • Monthly 90-minute sister circle calls to receive 1:1 coaching from me (6 in total)

You will also be set up with a monthly sister circle call where you will receive 1:1 coaching from me. The sister circle calls will be limited to six people and you will get at least 15 minutes of 1:1 coaching from me during each call on any topic you desire! To keep you on track towards your desired outcome for the program, I will make recommendations for your individual time based on what you wrote in your intake form.

  • One Goddess Energy Healing per month (6 in total)

Each month, we will work with a Goddess Archetype to help you become the highest version of yourself. You will release old emotions and identity structures that don't serve you anymore - leaving you feeling energized and excited to take steps into your future!

This is for you if...
It's probably not for you if...
  • You are hitting a wall and know something about your life needs to change.

  • You want to fill yourself back up and feel lighter, happier, like you again.

  • You have a kind business, career goal or passion project that you'd really love to see success with. 

  • You have a big heart and you love supporting others in reaching their goals. Team work makes the dream work!

If this sounds like you, the program seems like a perfect fit! 

  • You have a lot of unhealed family pain you need to work through.
  • Or you would like intimate support with your business.

Family constellations or in-depth business support aren't a part of the Radiance Mastermind. So if this is what you need, a 1:1 coaching program might be a better choice for you!

Get ready to get off your butt and make massive change! The best part about working with Hanna are her powerful healing techniques and spot-on intuition.
— Taylor, Teacher, Canada

Allow Me To...

• Connect you with women who will lift you higher.

Imagine being surrounded by women who are just as driven, smart and open-hearted as you. Imagine leaving every call feeling stronger, brighter and perfectly resourced to create your future. You on your own can achieve a lot. But what would be possible if you had your own support team who is there to lift you to your next level? 

• Teach you how to heal yourself.

In addition to speeding up your growth, I am teaching you my favorite and most powerful tools. This way, you can heal yourself quickly and skillfully and control the pace of your growth. It's really cool to be able to read yourself and to feel completely capable of creating what you want by aligning your energy with it!

• Introduce you to women who are as awesome as you.

My clients are yoga teachers, photographers, jewelry designers, juice company owners, actresses and all-around creative people. They are brillant and open-hearted women who I'd love to connect you with! I have met my closest and most loyal friends masterminds like this and they have become friends for life - what if the same could happen to you?

•Give you the support you need - without breaking the bank!

You will have the same intimate support you know from my 1:1 programs and Calmly Confident. I believe that your life is precious and I want you to receive the exact help you need to break through to your happy future- without getting yourself into financial troubles.  


You Deserve The Good In Life.

I'd love to take you by the hand and help you generate the love, joy and material success you desire!



The Nitty-Gritty:

The group coaching calls will be on the first and third Mondays each month at 10am EST and the first call will be on May 7th. If you can't attend the live calls, that's totally ok. You'll receive a replay that'll be just as powerful as being a live participant!

You should definitely make sure to be live for the monthly sister circle calls, so that you'll receive 1:1 coaching from me. Those will be scheduled after you sign up and we will make sure that the time of the call fits your schedule and time zone.

This is not a course with a pre-made curriculum. Just like a 1:1 coaching program, I will tailor the calls to what you write in your intake forms and I will be by your side every step of the way. If you desire help with feeling better, growing your business, becoming more creative, finding love... I will help you with exactly that!

Join Us Today!

One payment of $2000

Or six monthly payments of $360.

If you have questions or want to talk before signing up, feel free to email me at


This group coaching program is perfect for you if you've gone through Calmly Confident and want to continue your healing. It's also great if you would like to work 1:1 with me but want to do so at a lower price point. You'll get intimate support from me and the journey will be tailored to your needs and desires!