Meet my lovely clients:
Hanna is brilliant, I knew from the start I needed to work with her! What surprised me the most about our work together is how quickly I became more confident and joyful. The healing works very fast and have never felt so supported by any healer.
— Shauna Lay, California

Hannas level of mastery is incredible! After only one Family Constellation Therapy session, I noticed a shift in the dynamic with my mother and her complimenting me and sharing stories of me as a child like I had never experienced before.
— Amanda, Author, USA

Hanna’s been an absolute god-send! It feels like creating a business is the easiest thing I’ve ever done, the whole process unfolds so naturally.
— Jennifer, Intuitive Life Coach, USA

After every call with Hanna, I am motivated and inspired and I make big changes to my life and career. I finally feel like myself again!
— Rachel, Health & Nutrition Expert

Working with Hanna is like magic, for every problem or belief, she has a solution! Hanna overdelivers at every corner and has a profound body of wisdom.
— Anja, Artist, Germany

I have never met a woman like Hanna. She is a free spirit, a profound initiator, a brilliant coach and one of the purest, sweetest souls I have ever known!
— Jeannine, Actress & Life Coach

Get ready to get off your butt and make massive change! The best part about working with Hanna are her powerful healing techniques and spot-on intuition.
— Taylor, Canada

Hanna is amazing to work with, within three months, I gained tremendous insight into myself and was able to tackle my outer and inner challenges.
— Courtney, Massage Therapist

Working with Hanna has been a dream! With her help, I was able to replace my fear with confidence and joy, which helped me take the next steps in my business.
— Louise, USA