Meet My Lovely Clients:
Before working with Hanna, I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I had chronic fatigue, insomnia, OCD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and childhood trauma. I was in talk therapy for 10 years and didn’t see any improvement in my struggles. I struggled the most in my relationships: the relationship I have with myself, with friends, with lovers and with family.

So much has changed since I worked with Hanna: I am moving through the world and through my life with flow, lightness and ease. I am living my dream life by the ocean. I am finally stepping into my childhood dream of being a writer and I am currently working on two different writing projects. I am dancing in two different dance routines in a dance recital, after not dancing for eight years. I now sleep through the night and eat three meals a day, every single day, which is such a blessing for both of these areas of my life have been a struggle, for so long.

What surprised me the most was how fast and effective Hanna’s coaching is. I felt significantly lighter after just our first session together! Within a short period of time, I released 29 years worth of trauma and unprocessed emotions and it’s been amazing. I am so grateful for the life I have now!
— Nicole Theron-Parkes, Teacher and Writer
I came to Hanna with constant anxiety, low self-esteem and a lot of limiting beliefs about myself. As a result of working with Hanna, my mindset and the way I approach life has completely changed!

I feel much more at peace, I know in my bones that I have a purpose in life and that all I have to strive for is to be in alignment with what the universe has in store for me. I now catch myself when I am anxious and I can transform it into a higher vibration. I am pushing less and struggling less. Life does not have to be a struggle. I am now so much more confident and in alignment with who I truly am!

What surprised me the most was how insanely intuitive Hanna is! She always knows exactly what issues to reprogram and what to work on with me. I also loved that I could feel my brain chemistry and energy changing during sessions. But above all, as an actor I was shocked at how much my work improved because I am so much more emotionally present and free!
— Esma Karamanci Kirim, Actress And Musician
I knew from the start that I needed to work with Hanna and I am so glad I did! I now feel so much more confident. I am overall much happier in my life and I can see the joy and beauty that surrounds me. I am opening myself up to emotion, messiness, beauty, all aspects of life and I love it!

My favorite part of the coaching was healing my past and family system. I was surprised at how much healing I was receiving and how quickly the energy healing worked. I felt fully supported by Hanna and I could share whatever is going on for me. I have not felt that way with anyone thus far but her.
— Shauna Lay, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher
At first I was hesitant because I was unsure about whether I needed a life coach or a business strategist. I got lucky when I found Hanna because she was such an incredible blend of both!

Hanna is a dream-whisperer. She talks to your dreams before you know you’re ready for them, and helps you come up with a plan to make them real. The whole process unfolds so naturally that it feels like creating a business is the easiest thing I’ve ever done!

I’ve never met anyone quite like Hanna. At once she’s a tree sprite frolicking in the forest, and the next thing I know she’s helped me strategize my whole business with a concrete action plan and tangible results. I’ve become much clearer about who I am as a coach, what products and services I want to offer, and the kind of clients I’d like to work with. In doing the work of up-leveling and moving forward, Hanna also helped me unpack my money story and find powerful tools to reach toward the prosperity I desire. She has amazing insights on what was keeping me stuck and what I needed to be free to move forward.

Her playful approach, guided meditations, deep ability to listen, and profound intuitive abilities have helped me in more ways than I can ever express gratitude for. She’s a gifted coach and such a joy to work with! Count yourself lucky that Hanna danced her way across your path.
— Jenny Tosner, Intuitive Life Coach
I felt called to work with Hanna after listening to her podcast epsiode with Maddy Moon a few times in a row. I knew I had to have her as my coach and I didn’t even worry about the money, which I normally do!

As a result of working with Hanna, I realized that living a fulfilled and happy life depends completely on myself. I was able to leave a long term relationship because I was scared of being on my own, yet it has made me feel like I am finally myself again, and I feel free! I moved across the country to California and I love my new life! I am finally transitioning into the career I truly want, knowing it’s something I have been thinking about for a very long time, but I knew I had blocks that Hanna was able to help me move past.

After every session, I’m motivated and inspired to make big changes to my life. I also had no idea how much we would laugh together during our sessions! It’s fun and uplifting, yet still enough to stretch and challenge me. I am happy my coaching program with Hanna isn’t over yet :)
— Rachel Basgil, Nutrition Expert

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