EP34: Family And Childhood Healing [The Healing Series]

Hi everyone, 

Today we are getting into the meat and potatoes when it comes to healing! We all know that most of our issues come from the experiences we've had as children, but most of us have no clue how to effectively heal this. 

Family patterns that were passed down to us from our ancestors and the experiences we have between the ages of 0-10 shape us the most. Even decades later, these things show up as dense energy pockets in my clients energy fields and wreak havoc on their health, relationships, creativity, money and happiness!

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EP32: Welcome Home [The Healing Series]

Hey everyone! 

I am so excited to be bringing you the first episode of season 2! We are kicking this off with a podcast series on healing. 

I received so many questions, requests and feedback from you guys and producing this podcast series is very close to my heart. 

We are going to cover a lot of ground in this series and I am starting off with an episode that explains the basics of emotional, mental, energetic, transgenerational and physical healing. 

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Is it possible to overdose on healing?

Energy healing modalities like Family Constellation Therapy, Reiki and Energy Clearing are great ways to clear out old energy and raise your consciousness, but the healing can also come with some uncomfortable side effects! I just recently did a lot of self-healing and overdosed on a it a bit which made me want to write this blog post as a reminder for all of us. 

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Healing Past Hurts To Recover Your Energy

I've been a little quiet as of late and spent a lot of time feeling, healing and going inward.

Many of you know that I've had a pretty rough life and my intention this year was to give myself the gift of working through the unresolved stuff I was carrying around with me! 
These past and current weeks, I have been healing my family trauma, adrenal fatigue and safety issues and it has brought me to my knees in a really good, humbling way. 

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EP31: Marci Baron On Energy Healing And Thriving In Life

Hi there, 

Energy Healing is a huge part of my life, I practice at least an hour of energy clearing per day and it has helped me immensely! 

Energy blocks are basically dense energies that look like knots or dark clouds in your energy field! We get energy blocks from making judgements about the world that aren't true and taking on the misinformation of our parents as children. 

The more you remove those energy blocks from your field, the better life force energy will be able to move through you and manifest as a happy and rich life in your external world! 

This week on the podcast, I am talking to Marci Baron who is an energy healer and brilliant woman who had cleared her own fair share of energy blocks and is now helping others return to a state of happiness! 

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EP30: Vix Maxwell on Tarot, Ghosts And Following Your Calling

Hi there love birds,

I am so so excited to bring you this weeks episode, we are having Vix Maxwell on the show who is a Tarot reader and spiritual mentor!

She is originally from Australia and currently based in the UK. What I love about Vix is that she's really an open book and she has a pretty interesting life story! On the show, we talk about what it's like to move across the world, what to do when you see a ghost and she shares about the many professions she's had and how she became a Tarot reader. 

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