Hey There, Nice To Meet You!


I am passionate about helping you live a full and happy life with healthy flow in every area of it!

It is time To feel proud and at peace with what you are experiencing and accomplishing in your lifE.

In my work, I use a blend of Family Constellation Therapy and Soulful Success Coaching which allows you to live well and feel great about yourself within a short amount of time.

If you are ready to free yourself from past trauma, get a fresh start and live a vibrant and Abundant life, I am excited to help you do that.

I work with people from all across the world and all walks of life, so no matter where you are at right now, I am happy to meet you there and help you take your next steps!


Whatever desire pulled you to come to my Family Constellation and Coaching practice,

I can tell you:

What calls you is totally possible
and much easier to achieve than you might have thought!

I’ve helped clients start and grow businesses, transition into healthy and loving relationships, release childhood trauma, become confident and completely at peace within themselves and much more.

What would you like me to support you with?
  • Living a life that suits you perfectly and being excited to be you

  • Reaching a new level of success in your business or career

  • Enjoying a loving relationship that lasts

  • Having healthy financial flow and feeling wealthy every day

  • Attracting wonderful people into your life who love you for who you are

  • Feeling at peace no matter what and radiating confidence


This work starts on the inside and very quickly shows results on the outside. 

You might have tried many self-help strategies and found many of those tools don’t get to the root of your issues and only show temporary results, at best.

If you are ready to heal deeply and start living life the way you want it, you are in the right place!

My Story And Mission:


I was on my way to graduate from College with a degree in International Fashion Management, I was living in Bali and while my life looked amazing on the outside, I was barely holding on. 

Throughout my life I had been struggling with mental illness, my diagnoses ranging from PTSD, to an anxiety disorder, depression and an eating disorder. I was trying my best to build a beautiful life in spite of my past but looking into the future gave me stomach aches. 

I knew that there was no way I could take care of my emotional needs, fulfill my dreams AND grow into the person I am here to be, while working in a corporate environment.

I had to make a big decision and completely change course in order to finally have the freedom to overcome my struggles and truly thrive in my life and career.

I made the bold choice to start my own business and build a life in alignment with my spiritual gifts and talents. It wasn't all smooth sailing and after many months of learning the ropes of running a business, I finally came to a point of abundant cash flow and inner serenity that I only ever dreamed of. 

At the tender age of 22 I started working full-time in my passion-based business and I made my emotional well-being my priority.

Through putting my spiritual practice front and center in my life and working with a Family Constellation Therapist, I was able to release my anxiety, heal from my trauma and build a thriving business that makes a beautiful impact!

I made it my mission to help other brilliant women set their lives free and build deeply fulfilling, soul-aligned lives through my coaching and Family Constellation therapy practice.

Official Bio:

Hanna Bier is a Family Constellation Therapist and Soulful Success Coach, specializing in transgenerational healing and life purpose fulfillment.

She guides clients to heal imbalances in their family system, disintegrate dysfunctional patterns and heal blocks that are keeping them from having healthy and abundant lives! 

As a result, Hannas clients increase their financial, creative and romantic flow, as well as feel vibrant in their bodies.

She runs the podcast "Mystics On A Mission Show" and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

PS: Want to get to know me even better?

Here are two podcast episodes with my friend Maddy Moon on her amazing podcast Mind Body Musings,

where I talk about my upbringing, past struggles and how I started healing from the tremendous trauma I experienced: 

  • Episode 1: "How to embrace discomfort, navigate trauma and process emotions with Hanna Bier", listen here

  • Episode 2: "Accessing your inner priestess and remembering the Lady of Communion within", listen here

Happy listening!