The Freedom Circle

A 6-Month Group Coaching Program for creative women on a mission. 

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Wouldn't you love it if...

you could reach your goals in a more soulful and stress-free kind of way?

Imagine knowing the exact steps that are going to take you to your happy life and brimming with motivation! You would feel calm and excited, already celebrating your first little successes.

You would radiate happiness wherever you go and uplift everyone you come into contact with. You would feel stable, at peace and happy in your life, going about your day with a big smile on your face.

And the best part, you would be on a path that's tailor-made, just right for you! 

But right now...

You are feeling restless and antsy, things are not quite right. 

You are worrying about your future, wondering if you will ever experience the success and love you desire. You are stress eating and can't escape the seduction of your favorite show on Netflix. 

Maybe you should just be ok with where you are and accept that you aren't meant for some things? At least you won't be disappointed when things don't work out. 

You've probably already read every self-help book you could find. But you keep hitting a wall where you can't keep doing it alone and you realize that maybe it's time to get some help. 

I know how lonely it can feel to struggle to reach the next level of fulfillment in life, because I've been there too!

That's why I created the Freedom Circle for creative women just like you. This 6-month group coaching program is meant to help you shift from feeling unsure about your future to step-by-step turning your desires into reality. 

The program includes...
  • Two 60-minute group coaching calls per month (12 in total)

  • Monthly 90-minute sister circle calls to receive 1:1 coaching from me (6 in total)

  • One Goddess Energy Healing per month (6 in total)

  • Intimate access to me as your coach in our Facebook group. I'll be by your side every step of the way. 

Here's how it works...

Before starting the program, I will send you an intake form which you can fill out at home with a cozy cup of tea!

I will then personally review your form and tailor our coaching calls to your needs and desires. This helps us make sure that you'll get exactly what you need out of our time together.

Twice per month, we will meet for a 90-minute video call. Here's what a typical call might look like: 

  1. Welcome meditation ~ 10 mins
  2. Individual Coaching ~ 1 hour 
  3. Group energy clearing ~ 20 mins

And no worries if you miss a call, you'll get the replay and receive the same healing benefits you would as a live participant!

The sister circle calls will be limited to six people and you will get at least 15 minutes of 1:1 coaching from me during each call on any topic you desire! To keep you on track towards your desired outcome for the program, I will make recommendations for your individual time based on what you wrote in your intake form.

The perks of group coaching...

• Experience the power of group coaching

Imagine being surrounded by women who are just as driven, smart and open-hearted as you. Imagine leaving every call feeling stronger, brighter and perfectly resourced to create your future. You on your own can achieve a lot. But what would be possible if you had your own support team who is there to lift you to your next level? 

• You'll learn to heal yourself

In addition to speeding up your growth, I am teaching you my favorite and most powerful tools. This way, you can heal yourself quickly and skillfully and control the pace of your growth. It's really cool to be able to read yourself and to feel completely capable of creating what you want by aligning your energy with it!

• Make new friends

I have met my closest and most loyal friends through sister circle calls like this and they have become friends for life. I carefully invite women into this circle and energetically set up the space. This helps me make sure that the program will be a rich and uplifting environment for everyone in the group. 

• Lower investments and high-quality support

You will have the same intimate support you know from my 1:1 programs and Calmly Confident. I believe that your life is precious and I want you to receive the exact support you need to break through to your happy future- without getting yourself into financial troubles.  

This program is for you if...
  • You are feeling exhausted and alone. You know you need help and you are ready to receive it. 

  • You want to fill yourself back up and feel lighter, happier, like you again.

  • You have a kind business, career goal or passion project that you'd really love to see success with. 

  • You have a big heart and love supporting others in reaching their goals. Team work makes the dream work!

If this sounds like you, the program seems like a perfect fit! 

A different program might be a better fit if...
  • You have a lot of unhealed family pain you want to release.
  • Or you would like intimate support with your business.

If this is what you need, a 1:1 coaching program might be a better choice for you!

* With this being said, you do get 20% off all 1:1 coaching programs, which includes single sessions. So you could choose to participate in the group program and book 1:1 sessions to supplement the healings we do together!

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Join Today!

One payment of $2000

Or six monthly payments of $360.     


This group coaching program is perfect for you if you've gone through Calmly Confident and want to continue your healing. It's also great if you would like to work 1:1 with me but want to do so at a lower price point. You'll get intimate support from me and the journey will be tailored to your needs and desires!