Wouldn't It Be Nice...

If your family supported you in realizing your dreams?


I found that the most significant block that keeps people from living abundantly is unresolved family pain.

My intention for you is that your family system nourishes you, supports you and conspires to help you live the life you dream of!

This works even if you come from an abusive household, were adopted or have no idea why you keep struggling to reach your goals. 

You will...
  • Get a picture of what's really going on in your family, 

  • Rearrange your family for optimal healing and flow, 

  • And open up to receive all the life force energy you need to break old patterns and live an abundant life! 

Books & Resources I love...

kind Business

Tad Hargrave from Marketing For Hippies: I love his workbooks, especially The Art Of Relevance and The Point Of View. 

Carrie Klassen's Pink Elephant Academy: Her copywriting workbooks are wonderful. They are best used in conjunction with Tad's marketing workbooks! 

happy body 

The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder (book): I love the way she explains nutrition and I've been happily food combining for a few years. 

Woman Code by Alisa Vitti (book): This is a great book to use in combination with The Beauty Detox Solution, especially for people suffering from depression, anxiety and other hormone-related mental health issues. 

Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon (book & blog): Her recipes taste amazing, I highly recommend getting lost on her blog! 

Soulful Living 

The Gaia Codex by Sarah Drew (book): One my favorite books of all time. If you are curious about Priestesses and love fiction, you'll love this one!

The Lost Lands by Lucy Cavendish (book): A book about Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon. It's beautifully written and an interesting look at the history of our world. 

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong (book): Jesus' grandmother tells the story of her long life. It feels like fiction but is one of the most interesting books I've read! 


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