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Official Bio & Media Kit:

Hanna Bier is a Soulful Success Coach specializing in emotional healing and life purpose fulfillment. She guides clients to heal imbalances in their lives, disintegrate dysfunctional patterns and heal blocks that are keeping them from moving towards the fulfillment of their sacred work! As a result, Hannas clients enjoy an abundance of financial, creative and romantic flow, as well as vibrant health. She runs the podcast "Mystics On A Mission Show" and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 


Hanna is available for interviews and public speaking on the following topics: 

  • How your upbringing and family history influences your relationships, health, career and finances
  • Healing emotionally through Soulful Success coaching 
  • How I went from anxious and depressed to mystic on a mission 
  • Creating and running a soul-driven business
  • Life as a Priestess of the Divine Feminine 
  • Awakening the Divine within you by working with the 13 Goddess Archetypes

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